Plumbing FAQs

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General questions about plumbing and drains

A: Don’t hesitate to call us for help diagnosing and fixing your problem. Chances are we can assist you before help arrives. If you experience flooding, you should shut off the main water line leading to your home. In addition, you can collect buckets and other empty storage containers for dripping water, and limit the spread of water with towels.
A: Dirty or worn seals inside faucets can lead to leaks. Depending on the condition of your current faucet, a simple replacement of worn parts could be the answer. However, a growing number of homeowners take this opportunity to replace their old faucets with stylish new ones.
A: The parts found in your toilet are prone to wear and tear like everything else. They reach the end of their lifespans and need to be replaced. The most common reason for toilets to continually run is a flush valve that is worn or misaligned and no longer sealing shut.

Plumbing costs, estimates and warranties

A: A plumbing system is complex, involving many different aspects. As such, no qualified plumber can promise to provide an estimate without first assessing the problem. By calling Reliance, we’ll send a certified plumber to your house, who will assess the job and give you no-surprises quote for the job to be completed. Unlike many plumbers who estimated on time and materials, we tell you how much it will take to get the job done, no matter the time.
A: Absolutely! Along with your estimate and invoice, you’ll receive 1 year parts and labour warranty coverage.

About your water supply

A: The main water shut off valve is commonly located by your home’s water meter in the basement, on the wall nearest your street.

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