Carrier 100 HVAC System

Carrier® 100
Air Conditioner & Furnace

Carrier 59SC5, Carrier ABB3


Buy a High Efficiency Carrier® Furnace And Get The Air Conditioner For FREE1, when you pay for installation.


Rent and Make No Monthly Payments for 14 months

​​3 Great Reasons to Take Advantage of this Incredible Offer:

  1. Get your entire home comfort system upgraded, and get the A/C free!
    Most people don't know that your air conditioner and furnace act together as a unit in the summer. That's why replacing both your furnace and your air conditioner at the same time makes sense. We're just making that decision a little bit easier for you to make!
  2. Get your home ready for the August heat!
    August is going to be even hotter than July this year, so your air conditioner needs to be in tip-top shape. If you have any doubts that your air conditioner might not make it through the next heat wave, now is the perfect time to be looking at your options.
  3. We have other deals too!
    If the Carrier 100 isn't right for your home, don't worry, our Reliance Home Comfort Advisors have access to great deals on a variety of models.
To get access to these great deals, book an appointment today with one of our Home Comfort Advisors by filling out the form on this page. ​​

Carrier 100 Furnace & Air Conditioner

Features / Specifications

  • Up to 95.5% Efficient
  • Multi-speed blower motor
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Propane convertible
  • Approved for manufactured home/ mobile homes
  • Electrostatic filter
  • Single Stage Thermostat
  • 5” Media Filter (Included in Rental)


  • Exceeds minimum efficiency standard
  • Long life, peace of mind
  • Includes 5 Year Parts & Labour warranty

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