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Banner homepage Reliance The Furnace Company Edmonton September 2016

​​Furnace, Air Conditioner Service & Repair Edmonton

If you need service on or furnace or air conditioner right now, please call us at (780) 450-4328

We can’t guarantee your furnace or air conditioner won’t break down…

Service and repair in Edmonton  
But we will guarantee you protection against the cost of most unexpected and expensive furnace and air conditioner repairs – and long, cold or extremely hot wait times. Introducing the heating and cooling service protection plan from Reliance The Furnace Company – the most comprehensive furnace and air conditioner protection for the lowest price in Edmonton.

Free repairs, parts and labour on any furnace and air conditioner. Guaranteed.

The average service call for a furnace is over $350. But for just $14.49 per month (for a limited time only!) the furnace or air conditioner protection plan covers your furnace or air conditioner against most repair costs. There’s no inspection or contract required and no furnace or air conditioner excluded. You may cancel with no opt-out fee after the first 12 months. ​​​​​

Here’s why Reliance The Furnace Company is the right call for all of your home comfort needs. Guaranteed.

  • Qualified, licensed and bonded service technicians will be there to fix your furnace or air conditioner problem fast, and right the first time. We are usually there within 24 hours.
  • The furnace and air conditioner protection plans from Reliance is simply the most comprehensive protection against expensive furnace and air conditioner repairs you can get for your HVAC system in Edmonton and at the lowest price.
  • As a furnace and air conditioner heating and cooling protection or maintenance plan customer of Reliance The Furnace Company you get priority service
  • Parts and labour are included
  • One of the largest networks of professionally certified technicians in Edmonton when you need us the most

We offer you a choice of six Maintenance & Protection Plans— each one designed to fit your budget and needs.

view all protection plans »​

Regular Maintenance of your Furnace and Air Conditioner Keeps It Running Safely and Efficiency and Prolongs the Life of the Equipment

Few things provide peace of mind like knowing you have a well-maintained, good-quality heating and cooling HVAC system operating safely and at peak efficiency in your home. It’s the peace of mind that lets you rest easy, whether it’s a frigid winter morning or a hot and sticky summer night.

For more than 50 years, Edmonton homeowners have trusted Reliance The Furnace Company to keep them comfortable and breathing easier— all year long.

From the most complex installation of your furnace and air conditioner equipment to routine service and maintenance, Reliance The Furnace Company has the expertise, the people and the products you need to get the job done fast and right the first time. We’ll work with you to find the solution that’s right for your home and your budget.

We’re not comfortable until you are™

​​Whatever your heating and cooling needs, Reliance The Furnace Company will have a solution for your home and your budget.
Call us today at 780-450-HEAT(4328)​


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