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Reliance Yanch Barrie Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning in Barrie and Collingwood

SmartAir 2000 Air Conditioner Barrie  
When you're looking for a new air conditioner or central air conditioner in Barrie or Collingwood, there are three things to remember:

  • Buy the right size air conditioner
  • Buy an energy efficient air conditioner model
  • Make sure that the unit you buy is installed properly by experts

Choosing the right size air conditioner for your home in Barrie and Collingwood

Being in the HVAC business for more than 50 years we run into a number of air conditioners that don't work the way they should because they are oversized. Contractors generally size air conditioners at least a half ton larger than necessary, and often oversize by a ton or more. (We're not talking about the weight of the air conditioner here, but tons of cooling. One ton of cooling is approximately how much cooling you'd get from melting a ton of ice. One ton of cooling is equivalent to about 12,000 BTU of air conditioner capacity.)

An oversized air conditioner turns on and off more often than it should, even during the hottest weather. You pay more for it, and it uses more energy, raising your utility bills. It won't dehumidify the air as well as a smaller system would. It's noisy, especially if the grilles in your house were designed for a smaller unit, as most are. An oversized air conditioner doesn't mean cool comfort for you. It means higher first costs, higher electricity bills, and a home that's uncomfortable to be in. And we’re not comfortable until you are.

Buying a new central air conditioner in Barrie and Collingwood is fast, easy and affordable with Reliance Yanch

To get a new central air conditioner in Barrie and Collingwood that is right for your income and budget, choose Reliance Yanch. We have over 50 years experience in installing central air conditioners in Barrie and Collingwood right the first time. We meet with you at your home and conduct a thorough assessment of your cooling needs. We will sell you the right size air conditioner and we will install it correctly the first time. We measure your house, note the window area and the direction the house faces, and measure insulation levels. These data are entered into formulas that are used to calculate the amount of cooling your house needs.

Another important consideration is the ability of the selected air conditioner to remove moisture from the air. Different models have different abilities to handle moisture. We understand how to pick an air conditioner that is suitable for your home, and for your climate.
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