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A woman enjoys a cool breeze from a air conditioner by Reliance

High Efficiency Central Air Conditioners
SmartAir™ by Reliance Home Comfort™

SmartAir 100 air conditioner  

SmartAir 100 Air Conditioner

Rheem RA13

An affordable, efficient (13 SEER) air conditioner to provide you with economical cooling. Winter cover is included.

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SmartAir 1000 air conditioner  

SmartAir 1000 Air Conditioner

Rheem RA16

Higher efficiency rating (up to 16 SEER) meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications, saving you dollars off your utility bill. Winter cover is included.

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SmartAir 1500 air conditioner  

SmartAir 1500 Air Conditioner


New in our SmartAir line-up: This quiet air conditioner is built to perform. It offers up to 16 SEER and is ENERGY STAR® certified.

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SmartAir 2000 air conditioner  

SmartAir 2000 Air Conditioner

Goodman GSX16

Designed to ​give you superior comfort, quiet operation, and environmentally friendlier performance, (up to 16 SEER). Winter cover is included.

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SmartAir 5000 air conditioner  

SmartAir 5000 Air​ Conditioner

Rheem RA17

Delivers the highest efficiency (up to 17 SEER ) in the SmartAir line and saves the most on your electrical bill. Winter cover included.

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