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How Your Tankless Water Heater Works

How does my tankless or instantaneous water heater work?

In a tankless system, the water gets heated as it flows through the system. This does not mean that the water is instantly hot when it comes out of the tap. It still takes time for the newly heated water to make it through the piping in your home to the place where it is going to get used.

So here is how they work:
  • When you turn on your hot water tap the flow of water signals the tankless water heater to turn on.
  • Now, depending on the temperature of the incoming cold water and the temperature you've set on your unit's thermostat, the gas flow into the burner assembly gets controlled.
  • Next, an electronic igniter lights the incoming gas through the burner.
  • The burner heats up a heat exchanger that has the cold water flowing through it to get it to the proper temperature, providing you with as much hot water as you need.
  • When you turn off your tap, the stop in the flow of water signals the tankless water heater to turn off.

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