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Members of the Reliance Leadership Training & Development Program
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Leadership Development Program

You owe it to yourself to find out why Reliance™ is the right choice for you.

You offer the ambition, passion and intelligence and we offer the opportunity to learn to lead at a company that has revolutionized the HVAC industry. You will be supported by our company leaders in their roles as your trainers and mentors every step of the way. Their goal is the same as yours – to make sure you’re learning the business and advancing quickly – into a leadership position within the next 3 years.
By performing in a variety of rotations within Sales, Operations & Finance, you will be positioned for a leadership role more quickly.
Hear from our Leadership Development Program team members. Their testimonials explain why they have chosen Reliance for their careers. ​​​​​​​
LDP Alex Van Ballegooie  

Alex Van Ballegooie

BEs - University of Waterloo

Well rounded with a Honours Bachelor of Environmental​​ Studies and a study abroad at the University of Leeds Business School, Alex’s strong self-starter skill​ is a real asset. Alex has a passion for tennis and held a strong leadership role as Captain of his Varsity Men’s Tennis Team.

Customer Experience Analyst

LDP Chris Rawlings  

Christopher Rawlings

Bachelor Management and Organizational Studies
Spec in Accounting - Western University

Christopher played varsity football while at Western, became Vice President of the Athlete’s Student Council and his love of football also translated to volunteer coaching the sport. Chris has been a finalist in numerous case competitions and has extensive experience in accounting, sales and customer service. Christopher’s confidence, analytical ability and positivity are what make him successful.

Marketing Analyst
Customer Information Systems Analyst

Watch Video of Chris >>
LDP Michelle Slotwinski  

Michelle Slotwinski

Master of International Business - Queen's University
BComm – University of Guelph

Michelle studied in Canada and Germany, brings international consulting experience, project management skills and a wide array of volunteer experience in fundraising, student associations and with the United Way. Michelle’s strong interpersonal skills, professionalism, drive and creativity will serve her and Reliance well.

Customer Information Systems Analyst
Marketing Analyst

Watch Video of Michelle >>
LDP Jeff Baldwin  

Jeff Baldwin

Master of International Business - Queen’s University
BA Honours – University of Guelph

Jeff is an avid sports fan who plays hockey, soccer and golf and brought this passion to work at a golf course where he performed a variety of roles, leading to Assistant General Manager. Jeff then went to the consulting world and worked in the hospitality industry in New York and Los Angeles. Jeff brings a very thoughtful and well-rounded approach to his work.

Business Analyst – Strategic Initiatives

Watch Video of Jeff >>
LDP Michael Robinson  

Michael Robinson

BASc, BA - Queen’s University

Mike has an entrepreneurial spirit and competitive edge. He has held positions such as the VP for Engineers without Borders, Research Assistant for the Mechanical Engineerin​g Department at Queen’s, and El​ectronic Manufacturing Technician for Yieldpoint Inc.

Business Analyst (Project Management)
Marketing Analyst
Commercial Sales

Watch Video of Michael >>
LDP Céline de Milleville  

Céline de Milleville

BSc - University of Waterloo

Well rounded with a Science and Business Degree with a Minor in Economics, Céline's attention to detail and analytical skills are a real asset. Céline's extra-curricular activities include being an accomplished skier and volunteering for a wide range of causes including planning Earth hour events, United Way events and volunteering in a shanty town in Riverton, Jamaica.

Business Analyst (Customer Systems)
Marketing Analyst
Strategic Initiatives Analyst
Project Lead, Sales Effectiveness
Central Administration Supervisor

Watch Video of Céline >>
LDP Rachael Mather  

Rachael Mather

BComm - Queen’s University

Rachael gets involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities from organizing Queen’s conferences, to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and Nyantende Foundation. As dance co-captain at Qu​een’s, Rachael inspired her team through hard work, cam​araderie and creativity.

Marketing Analyst
Business Analyst (Customer Systems)
Supply Chain Analyst

Watch Video of Rachael >>
LDP Michelle Eeuwes  

Michelle Eeuwes

BBA - University of Toronto

Michelle has worked as an educational tutor and started a floral company. Michelle is actively involved in the community, with Save the Mothers, Rotary Club and Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce. Michelle’s inquisitive mind offers strategic observations and valuable recommendations to the business.

Financial Analyst
Business Analyst (GTA Branches)
Strategic Initiatives Analyst
Process Improvement Specialist, Operations

Watch Video of Michelle >>

Your customized learning and development program may also include:


Leadership training

● Getting Things Done - Mastering Workflow / Time Management
● Building a Successful Business Case
● Communicating With Impact
● Financial Acumen
● Optimizing Results Through Others
● Advanced Interviewing Techniques
● Moving From an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker
● Change Leadership Thinking From Multiple Perspectives
● Project Management Principles & Techniques
● Leading with Emotional Intelligence 

Peer network lunch and learns

● Creating a Positive Work Environment
● HR Legislation
● Difficult Conversations – How Effective Managers Communicate Tough Messages
● Developing Resiliency to Improve Work Life Balance
● Invigorate Employees through Vision, Goal Setting and Performance Evaluation
● Creativity Exercises


● Senior Level Mentoring Relationship
● Regular meetings with members of the Executive Team

On the job

● Peer Shadowing
● In-Depth Coaching Sessions and Quarterly Performance Appraisals
● Special Projects
● Process Improvement Initiatives
● Cross Functional Assignments

Reliance changes the way people think about our industry by providing vital products and services in innovative ways. Working together, we lead the market in customer satisfaction and have been innovating for over 40 years. Today, we’re of the largest rental water heater provider in Canada, with over 1.4 million customers and one of the largest networks of licensed technicians in Canada.

This is your chance. Don’t get lost in a huge organization where you don’t really get to see the results of your work or someone more senior takes the credit. At Reliance, you are empowered to make real change. Your decisions have impact. Your vision can be realized and you have the freedom to share it with a group of dedicated professionals who can really bring it to life under your leadership.

We share your passion and commitment and we’re ready to talk.​​​​​ ​​