The Reliance Builder Program

Rental HVAC Bundles from Reliance™

Easily tailored to meet any home comfort needs.

Our Rental HVAC Bundle Program is an innovative and energy-efficient home comfort solution that’s completely customizable – with an extensive selection of rental equipment available through the program – to meet your homebuyers’ ever-changing needs. When it comes time to choose your equipment, we’re proud to offer one of the largest home comfort product lines in the industry. Even better, by signing up for the program, you could save tens of thousands of dollars in capital costs. Plus, your homebuyers will benefit from all the peace of mind and risk-free comfort that comes with renting from Reliance.

Builder Benefits

  • Reliance has products available to enable you to build to OBC SB12 prescriptive packages –A through M to meet the new building code
  • Save thousands of dollars in capital costs per home – Reliance covers the capital costs of any equipment from our menu of builder equipment included with the bundles
  • More installation allowances – in addition to the typical water heater allowance
  • No post-close equipment service costs – Reliance assumes all warranty and service responsibility on any bundled equipment (subject to proper initial installation) for as long as your homebuyers are rental customers
  • Customizable – choose from a large selection of equipment to tailor your bundle to the needs of your build and your homebuyers
  • EF 0.67 ENERGY STAR ®-rated gas-fired water heaters for all new homes – increasing your homes ’marketability and potentially saving your homebuyers up to 15% on energy bills (EF 0.82 tankless and 90%+ thermal efficiency for condensing water heater tanks also available)
  • Reputable, high-efficiency, durable brands – so your homebuyers will always feel comfortable and protected
  • Innovative, “Green” products – Tankless Water Heaters, Condensing Storage-type Water Heaters, Heat Recovery Ventilators and Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems
  • Model home and décor centre marketing support – Reliance Home Comfort™ offers training to your staff, in addition to informative product material, to help educate homebuyers on the benefits of our Comfort Value Bundle Program
  • Marketing promotion – Reliance actively promotes the Rental HVAC Bundle Program through a print advertising campaign targeted at homebuyers

Homebuyer Benefits of Renting

  • No repair bills – all equipment repairs, parts and labour required as a result of normal use are included throughout the life of the rental equipment*
  • Freed-up capital – leaving room in their budget for upgrades and finishing touches
  • FREE equipment replacement – should it be unrepairable following normal use*<
  • Live telephone support 24/7/365, for all their inquiries – 1-866-RELIANCE (735-4262)
  • Guaranteed service – our large network of friendly, licensed technicians provides expert service
  • No up-front equipment cost – just one predictable monthly charge
  • High-efficiency water heating equipment – up to 15% savings on energy consumed by the water heater

CASE STUDY: A real-life example of how Rental HVAC Bundles from Reliance save space and make you money.

Here is just one example where the right rental bundle made all the difference. At a builder’s development, a mid-rise complex had a 3’ x 3’ closet space to work with. After assessing the space and the very specific needs of the builder, Reliance came up with the perfect solution: a tankless water heater, an Air Handler and Air Conditioner. Three pieces of rental equipment in a compact space, leaving more living space for the new homebuyer’s family.

Rental HVAC Bundles offer a true competitive edge by eliminating thousands of dollars in capital costs from each home, making them even more attractive to homebuyers. There’s nothing else for you to worry about. Reliance assumes non-installation-related warranty responsibility on all rental equipment and all service-related calls go directly to Reliance.

  • Bundles are easily tailored to meet any homebuyers’ needs – and fit just about anywhere
  • Bundles offer predictable, low monthly rental payments
  • Live, round-the-clock support – 24/7/365
  • Peace of mind – all repairs, parts and replacement costs are FREE for life*

™ Trademarks of Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership.
* Subject to standard rental program terms and conditions
® The ENERGY STAR® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission.