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Toronto Furnace, Air Conditioner and Water Heater Service

Furnace and Air Conditioner Service & Repair Toronto

Do You Need Service? Call: (905) 770-8881

If your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, your family needs help, fast. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, expert installation and our reputation for quality and responsive service is what separates Reliance Toronto apart.

Is​ your furnace or air conditioner in need for repair?

Request HVAC services today  
If your furnace or air conditioner has broken down, we can fix it. Fast. Our dedicated service technicians have a complete understanding of your home's heating and air conditioning systems and all components, no matter the make or model. Our prompt, high-quality workmanship ensures customer satisfaction 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Maintain Your Equipment Now. Save Later.

It's our job to repair your furnace and air conditioner  
An annual inspection will help ensure yourfurnace or air conditioner are running as safely and efficiently as possible, which can save you money. A small issue today can turn into a big issue tomorrow, so avoid an emergency break down by contacting us and booking a furnace tune-up now.

Guaranteed Service

Furnace and Air Conditioner Service & Repair Toronto  
Reliance Toronto is committed to providing service above and beyond your expectations. We have the best guarantees in the business and that’s why we lead the market in customer satisfaction. We take the worry out of servicing and maintaining your furnace and air conditioner.

Heating and Cooling Protection and Maintenance Plans

Unexpected expenses can put a strain on your budget. If you have an air conditioner or furnace that is getting older, do what over 5,000 families in Toronto are doing: Give yourself year-round peace of mind by avoiding unexpected furnace and air conditioner repair expenses with Reliance’s Heating and Cooling Protection and Preventative Maintenance Plans.
See our Protection and Maintenance Plans now »
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