SmartAir® 120
Air Conditioner & Furnace

Rheem 13AJN, Rheem RGFG

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Features / Specifications

  • 96 % AFUE
  • Modulating gas valve
  • Variable speed ECM motor
  • Electrostatic filter
  • 13 SEER performance
  • Includes winter cover
  • Includes communicating thermostat
  • 5" Media Filter (Included in Rental)
  • Pulse Humidifier (Included in Rental)


  • Modulating Function: when used with a modulating or communicating thermostat,
    modulation rate between 40% and 100% of total capacity, allowing for optimal energy savings.
  • The continuous airflow also means you’ll enjoy nice, evenly distributed heat throughout your
    home – all winter long.
  • Reduced firing rates allows for optimal energy savings and conservation
  • Auto-Comfort mode for enhanced dehumidification provides ultimate humidity control, working
    at twice the efficiency as standard units
  • Advanced refrigerant that will not cause harm to the Earth's atmosphere
  • Includes 10 Year Parts and Labour warranty
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