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Amana Furnace and Air Conditioner System 


Amana® 5000 Furnace
& Air Conditioner

Amana AMVM, Amana ASXC16

Not only will this furnace provide your family with years of reliable warmth in even the harshest winters, it will do so with up to 96% AFUE efficiency.

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Goodman HVAC systems 


Goodman® 100 Furnace
& Air Conditioner

Goodman GKS9, Goodman GSX13

This HVAC system is designed to help you find a balance between your family’s comfort and your monthly energy costs.

  • 92% efficient
  • Multi-speed blower motor
  • Single gas valve, allowing for economical operation
  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • 1” fibreglass filter
  • Includes single stage thermostat
  • 5” Media Filter (Included in Rental)
  • Energy efficiency is key to controlling the cost of heating your home. This furnace’s 92% AFUE rating means 92 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy ex pense warms your home.
  • The multi-speed blower motor works to improve de humidification during the summer months
  • This furnace uses a multi-speed blower motor and sound-isolated blower assembly to reduce the noise levels common in other furnaces without these features. Add an insulated, heavy-gauge steel cabinet, and the result is... quiet comfort.



Amana® 1000 Furnace
& Air Conditioner

Amana AMVC, Amana ASX13

Not only will this furnace provide your family with years of reliable warmth in even the harshest of winters, it will do so with up to 96% AFUE efficiency.

  • Up to 96% efficient
  • Variable speed blower motor
  • Two stage gas valve
  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • Electrostatic filter
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified in select sizes
  • Includes communicating thermostat
  • 5” Media Filter (Included in Rental)
  • Pulse Humidifier (Included in Rental)
  • Up to 15 SEER
  • R-410A Chlorine-Free Refrigerant
  • Sound: as low as 70 decibels
  • Single-stage scroll compressor
  • Factory-installed filter drier
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified in select sizes
  • Includes single stage thermostat
  • Offers one of the highest AFUE ratings in the industry
  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed airflow system gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand
  • The low constant fan setting typically uses as little energy as that needed to run a 100-watt light bulb. As the furnace runs in low-heat capacity, the unit is able to deliver even warmth throughout the house.
  • Compared to lower SEER units found in many homes, this air conditioner provides significant savings on your electric bill.
  • The environmentally sound refrigerant allows you to make a responsible decision in the protection of the earth’s ozone layer.
  • To minimize operating sounds, the system was acoustically engineered with enhancements that include a compressor sound reduction cover made of high-density foam and a specially designed sound- control top.
  • Get protected from moisture and contaminants
  • Includes 10 Year Parts & Labour warranty

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