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You need your furnace to operate your air conditioner.
The fan in your furnace circulates the cool air throughout your home.

Get $50 OFF* a 12 point air conditioner and furnace tune-up, and you could:

  • Avoid an expensive breakdown
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduce your monthly energy bills
Furnace Air Conditioner
1. Check Thermostat (function, settings, location) Check Thermostat (functions, settings, location)
2. Inspect Heat Exchanger (primary and secondary if applicable) Check / Lubricate Furnace Fan Motor (as applicable)
3. Check / Lubricate Fan or Pump Motor (as applicable) Check Blower Motor Amps (as applicable)
4. Check Blower Motor Amps (as applicable) Check Filter System (clean / replace if customer has filter)
5. Check Filter System (clean / replace if customer has filter) Check Contactor (clean as required)
6. Check Pilot Burner / Flame Rod (clean as required) Inspect Condenser Fan Motor and Blades
7. Check Safety Controls (wiring / condition / application) Check Condenser Coil (clean as required)
8. Check and Adjust Heat Rise (as required) Check Compressor
9. Test for Carbon Monoxide (flue / atmosphere) Check Refrigerant Line Temperatures
10. Check Humidifier Damper Position (seasonal - winter open) Check Evaporator Temperature Drop
11. Inspect Gas Piping (code compliance) Check Humidifier Damper Position (seasonal – summer closed)
12. Inspect Chimney / Venting System Check Condensate Pump / Lines (clean as required)
​​​​ ​​

* Save $50 o​ff Reliance’s regular price of $198.00 for a 12-point air conditioner and furnace tune-up. Plus applicable taxes. Subject to standard terms and conditions. Call for details. Subject to availability, not available in all areas. Offer expires May 31, 2016.
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