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Equipment Size

When you get a quote for a new furnace or air conditioner, one of the factors that willdetermine the price is the size of the equipment, which is measured in “tons” or BTUs. Typically, the larger the house, the larger the furnace or air conditioner required and the more expensive the unit will be.

Here are the tell-tale signs that you might be making the wrong choice when it comes to sizing: ​​

1. The contractor did not do a heat or cooling load calculation in your house. If there was no heat or cooling load calculation done they are making a guess, and you are more likely to end-up with the wrong size.

2. The contractor only asked you whether or not you were happy with the way your current equipment heats or cools your house. If they used only your answer as the basis for sizing the new equipment, you may be in trouble. Research* has shown that the unit you currently have might be over-sized, which means you may end up (a) overpaying for your unit and (b) stuck with a unit that doesn’t meet its maximum efficiency capabilities. 

3. You have two different quotes back from contractors, and they are quoting you different sizes. Only one of the quotes can be right, and how do you know which one it is? ​

Some contractors may quote you wrong sizes

Don’t get stuck with the wrong sized equipment. At RelianceTM, we use the SmartFitTM system to measure each specific home’s energy load requirements. 

It involves determining:
  • Which direction the house is facing;
  • The square footage of the insulated walls in your house;
  • The square footage of the windows in your house;
  • The number of heating and cooling vents you have in your house;

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