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Some furnace contractors won’t show you all your options.


​​Your Options​ 

It’s likely that you haven’t bought a furnace for quite some time, so some air furnace contractors will show you limited options knowing that you probably don’t understand the options that are available to you. 

There’s a very good reason for this - many furnace contractors have relationships with only one furnace manufacturer in order to get discounts on that brand - the more they sell of that particular brand, the more money goes to their bottom line. They might also have incentives from the manufacturers to push certain models, some of which might not be the best choice for your specific situation. 

While this might be good for them, it’s not so good for you.

​​Here are the tell-tale signs that you might be making the wrong choice when it comes to understanding your options:​ ​​

1. The contractor tells you tha​t one brand is better than another. No one brand is necessarily better than another. The brand a contractor suggests is the best is most likely the brand they have a relationship with. 

2. The contractor evades your questions when you ask them to quote on a different brand. 

3. They have the manufacturer’s logo on their shirt. This may seem like a small detail to look out for, but it should prompt you to ask whether or not they’ll show you all of your options. ​

Some contractors won’t show you all your options

At Reliance, we use the SmartFit system to ensure that you understand your options when it comes to furnace makes and manufacturers. 

With the use of the information we’ve obtained in the fi rst step of the SmartFit system, we’ll show you which makes and models are the best fit for your specific circumstances. We are also the only HVAC contractor who can offer you the SmartAir line of furnaces and air conditioners. 

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