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Your Smart Fit consultation will help you get the right air conditioner for your home.

Here’s just a few of the air conditioners we select from:

SmartAir 1000 AC

SmartAir 1000 Air Conditioner 

Higher efficiency rating meets Energy Star qualifications, saving you dollars off your utility bill. Winter cover is included.

Carrier© 100 AC

Carrier 100 Air Conditioner 
This air conditioner is economical, reliable and efficient. It is designed to give you simple and affordable cooling whenever you need it.

Goodman 100 AC

Goodman 100 Air Conditioner 
With a corrosion-resistant, painted steel cabinet, furnace can be installed in a variety of locations without compromising its performance.

Amana 1000 AC

Amana 100 Air Conditioner 
This air conditioning system will provide your family with the best in energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and cool indoor comfort when compared to lower SEER units.



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