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A woman enjoys a cool breeze from a air conditioner by Reliance

Best High Efficiency Central Air Conditioners
SmartAir™ by Reliance Home Comfort™

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SmartAir 100 air conditioner  

SmartAir™ 100 Air Conditioner

Rheem RA13

An affordable, efficient (13 SEER) air conditioner to provide you with economical cooling. Winter cover is included.

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SmartAir 1000 air conditioner

SmartAir™ 1000 Air Conditioner

Rheem RA16

Higher efficiency rating (up to 16 SEER) meets E​nergy Star qualifications, saving you dollars off your utility bill. Winter cover is included.

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SmartAir 1500 air conditioner  

SmartAir™ 1500 Air Conditioner


New in our SmartAir line-up: This quiet air conditioner is built to perform. It offers up to 16 SEER and is Energy Star® certified.

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SmartAir 2000 air conditioner  

SmartAir™ 2000 Air Conditioner

Goodman GSX16

Save $400 OR make no monthly payments for 1 year1

Designed to give you superior comfort, quiet operation, and environmentally friendlier performance, (up to 16 SEER). Winter cover is included.

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SmartAir 5000 air conditioner  

SmartAir™ 5000 Air​ Conditioner

Rheem RARL

Delivers the highest efficiency (16 SEER ) in the SmartAir line and saves the most on your electrical bill. Winter cover included.

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1 This promotion is only available when purchasing the following air conditioner equipment: SmartAir 2000 air conditioner – up to 16 SEER. Customers may choose one of the following two offers: (1) a $400 rebate off Reliance’s regular price of the promotional air conditioner equipment or (2) deferred financing payments for 12 months. If the deferred financing option is selected, financing is OAC. Interest will start to accrue from the date of purchase as indicated on the purchase invoice at an annual percentage rate of 19.9% per annum, unless the full purchase price is paid prior to the date 12 months from the date of purchase in which case interest shall be waived. Payment will be due and payable starting on the first date of the calendar month following the expiry of the deferral period. Customers must pay an upfront search/filing fee of $49 when financing. Financing example: The promotional SmartAir 2000 air conditioner equipment is $4,600 (based on the regular price of a 2.0 Ton model) plus applicable taxes. With zero down payment, the monthly payment at 19.9% APR with a 120 month amortization and a deferral until October 1, 2016 (equivalent of a 12 months deferral period) is $120.07. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires on September 30, 2015. Call for details.
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The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission.